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Thursday, September 08 2011
Cat collar anatomy, that is.
There may be some confusion on some of our smaller collars, and we just wanted to clear some things up.  There seems to be a misunderstanding with some folks as to our safety feature on our cat collars and why the "leather is split" or "broken".  It's not broken.  It is cut and split to insert the safety feature of the cat collar which is a piece of elastic.  When the collar is worn, the leather shouldn't really split if fit to your cat properly.

I made up this little diagram to show you the parts of our cat collars. 

And here is another view of the cat collar:

These are our Embroidered Cat Collars.

They are NOT to be confused with our Small But Mighty Dog Collars.
Our Small But Mighty Dog Collars are stitched on the edges (Cat collars are NOT), and they DO NOT come with the elastic safety feature that is reserved solely for our cat collars.
Our cat collars with the safety feature are NOT to have a leash attached to them.
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