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Tuesday, July 29 2014


The one who just falls into place. 

This is a double leather collar without a top strip D-Ring.  She's decked out in just all turquoise oval cabochons.  Simply but very decorative, and the double leather about it gives it enough rise to really make that decor pop out in a noticeable and fashionable way. 

Dani is offered in 1.25" width, 1.5" width, and as a single leather collar in 1" width.

Choose your leather color from the link below:


Here is Maggie showing you how a Dani collar looks on a dog:

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Tuesday, July 29 2014


She's your spirit.  She's your soul.  She'd follow you to the ends of the universe.  All you'd have to do is ask. 

This is a double leather collar available in 1.25" width, 1.5" width, or as a single leather in 1" width.  She is decorated in turquoise, coral, and angelskin oval cabochons with a small metal piece between each cabochon.  Arla is available in brass or silver hardware and decor.

Choose your leather color from the link below:


Here is Arla herself (photo courtesy of her human):

A photo of Ophie in her Arla Collar:

***Product photo is made out of dark brown leather and brass hardware and decor.  Product photo collar is also the collar pictured on Ophie.***

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Saturday, July 26 2014

Here s/he is!!!

Meet Marble.  Marble McStolly.

S/he sure is a beauty, isn't she?  Made with faux marble stones in Turquoise, Purple, Green, White, and Pink, this collar is stunning and looks like the paper candies I used to get as a child.

This collar is similar to all of our other McStolly-type collars in that it comes with a mixture of the particular decor elements offered.  This specific collar comes in the colored faux marble stones mentioned above.

Here is a close up of the stones:

***Product photo is a double leather collar WITH bordering spots.  It is 2" wide and does NOT have a top center D-Ring.  If you do NOT want a top center D-Ring on your double leather Marble McStolly, then please specify in the design instructions box below in the menu***

If you are interested in your very own Marble McStolly, or you have some questions about Marble before considering a purchase, please do not hesitate to contact us at

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