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 You Heard it First. 
Thursday, July 21 2011
When they come to visit, they raid part of your dogs' collar collection and play dress up.

Dekka didn't really mind, until they tossed a ball into the mix:

Then Luke tries to suck their souls out of them:

Then he tries to woooooo them with his twisting-smooth-moves:

Luke THOUGHT he met his future canine wife when he met Dekka through Ophie's crate, but Dekka did NOT agree.  But Luke was DETERMINED to meet her snarky volume with loud barks and dorky-spinny-playbow-circle dances.
We humans believe their doggy conversation could be translated as follows:

Dekka:(SNARK) "GETAWAYFROMME. I will kill you if I get out of here."
Dekka: "NO.  I will kill you."
Luke: "OMGNOILOVEU!!!  LALALOVEYOU!!!!!  Let's dance and act STOOPID!!!<3<3<3<3!

I mean, can you BELIEVE this beautiful dog did not find MY beautiful dog just as beautiful and lovely as he apparently found her?

Then there was Smudge who was pretty chill as could be:

And Kitty Kat:

The Canadians had us make them things that they pre-ordered ahead of time. ;) (as if we're complaining! It was a blast.):

No, we didn't make Kat.  We just made her collar:

We made them eat Chilli Cheese Dogs (they'd never heard of them, sheesh! They're only from Canada, not another planet!  Mind-blowing.) ;)
They made us this delicious concoction called "Poutine".  We had never heard of it before (sheesh! We're only from the U.S., not another planet!  Mind-blowing.).
Fries and gravy and cheese curds.  YUM.

Our children quickly became BFFs, though, you wouldn't know it from this photo.

We had a LOT of fun.
The Canadians are welcome to come back again. :)
Besides, we'll need more Canadian crackers and poutine.
The End.

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Tuesday, July 19 2011
Ok, so, yeah.
We are totally open to bartering.
We have bartered in the past, but thought it should be made official that, yes, we DO barter.

We have bartered for website graphic design in the past.  We've bartered for artwork.   If you have an item or a service that you'd be willing to work out a trade for, do not hesitate to contact us at

You'd be AMAZED at what we'll barter for.

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Monday, July 11 2011
We have added a chain martingale option to our regular leather collars, specialty leather collars, the McStolly Mix, and the McStolly Mix Lite. 

Please, please, PLEASE click HERE to see how to measure your dog's head for a chain martingale (near the bottom of the page).  It is very important you read this in order for us to get a proper measurement.  We cannot take returns on chain martingales because of incorrect measurements.

Oh, and mentioning the McStolly Mix Lite, yes, we added that as a new design.

You can get the McStolly Mix withOUT the rhinestones now.

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