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The Rahne

This is one design we could not wait to get listed.
It's elegant. It's fun. And the design will make folks do a double take when they see your pupper sporting it.

Rahne is a 1.25" wide collar that contains up to 9 opal cabochons with an arch of small crystals above and below a single crystal between each cabochon. If your dog's neck is too small to fit 9 cabochons, we will fit as many as we can.
Rahne is available in regular latigo/bridle leathers or in a luxury leather.

Choose your leather from the links below:


Choose your crystals (34ss and 20ss) from the link below:

Choose your opal options from the charts below:

Please click here to view our out of stock cabochons.

*Product photo is in Robin Egg Blue leather, light green moonstone effect glass opals, Green Sphinx 20ss crystals and 34ss Peridot AB (<---that color is in limited quantities and when out, we are out).*

*Photo is courtesy of Rikki Kaufman who gifted us this lovely design idea.*

**Added the option to double leather your Rahne collar. For the 2" width, choose that only if you are getting a Roulette border (add Roulette border here), state your taper in the questions/comments box of the menu**

Dog's EXACT Neck Size
Collar Size (depends upon dog's exact neck size)
Collar Width
Luxury Leather
Latigo Leather Color
Opal Choice (check chart)
Crystal Color (check link, state 34ss size and 20ss size))
Heliotrope Crystals?
Make Mine a Double Leather
Extra Crammed Rahne
This is for more opals and crystals, NOT for necks under 15". One "cluster" is one opal and one set of crystals.
Email address you can be reached at:

Don't forget your accessories for your new collars and leashes! :)


A security attachment from your leash to your collar.

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