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 Specialty Leathers 
While our specialty leathers are high quality leathers that are thin cowsides and are layered with other leather materials to guarantee strength, unless they are lined with another layer of leather, they cannot be conditioned exactly the same as our regular leather collars.  Yes, these are durable.  Most of the specialty leathers will be more durable than the metallic leathers.  The metallic leathers should not be used as an everyday, rough and tumble collar, at least this is our advice.  But durability needs to be somewhat defined: will anyone of these collars last your dog's lifetime?  Sure.  But please use your discretion on how rough and tumble your dog is.  And if you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Think of it this way:  Put on a leather suit.  Wear that leather suit day in and day out for a month to years.  Go swimming in an ocean, a lake, a swamp, a pond, a river, and a chlorinated swimming pool just about everyday.  Then roll in dirt.  Then wrestle with some friends and allow them to bite at your leather suit.  Think it would look new after that?  Probably not.