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Info for Crystal Collars
    Leads and Leashes
    All leads and leashes can be found here.
    Leather Collars
    All of our custom leather collars can be found here.
    Vegan Collars
    Looks like leather.  Kind of feels like leather.  Acts like leather.
    But! it's not leather.  All the fanciness minus the cow.

    Leathercare Items
    These are products that will help you care for your leather collars.
    Limited Release Collars
    These are limited release collars set at a discount price.  Due to the fact they are listed in this category, they are limited in ways of customization.
    Sale/Clearance Items!
    When a collar goes on sale, or if we are  getting ready to discontinue an item, it goes in here.
    Fast Fee!
    A way to get your order to you faster.
    Ever want suede lining on a collar that doesn't offer it?
    Ever want an extra concho that isn't in the drop down menu?
    This is where you can find and order all those additional items.

    Check out the new tag offerings.  Now when you order an Ella's Lead collar, you can also order a tag made by Aggie's Anvil.