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Custom Embroidery Digitization
Want something special embroidered onto your dog's collar?  Got an image already in mind? Check this out!

If you have something particular in mind that you want put onto a collar, this is for you.  Say you want your softball team's logo embroidered onto a collar for your dog.
The image would have to be converted into an embroidery-type file.  This is called embroidery digitization.

Ella's Lead can do this depending upon the complexity of the image you would like.

But converting an image to an embroidery file, is NOT easy.  It takes time and can be trying (again, depending upon the complexity of the image).

This listing is for custom digitization.  If you wish to have an image digitized, please contact us at, and send us the image you wish to have digitized, and we will get back to you and let you know if it is something we can digitize.  If we believe we can, you then would purchase this.
Once purchased, we will work on digitizing your image, and then if we can, we would figure the cost into the price of the collar.
We feel this is a fair rate because it would cost this or MORE if we had to send the image out to someone else to have it digtized.  And a lot of places won't digitize certain things for embroidery.

We are NOT promising that if you send us a complex image, we will be able to digitize it.  Example: If you send us a photo of your grandma, we are not going to digitize that because it would be too complex.  Even if we could, a photo design of your grandma will not fit onto a collar.
But usually simple logos or little designs are things we can do.  IF for some reason we are unable to digitize your design, we would refund you the cost of it.  But generally, we will know by viewing your image, if we can digitize it or not. If upon contacting us, we believe we can digitize your image, you will be required to purchase this ahead of time.  As previously stated, digitizing designs takes time and labor. 

Below, you can see images of custom designs we have digitized ourselves.
These are photos of custom designs, NOT available for resale. These are images and designs that are private, intellectual property and are NOT available for sale for the public.


Please do not contact us with a request for a digitization of a trademarked/licensed logo or symbol.  If the logo does not belong to you (as in YOUR creation), we will not digitize it for you.  We are not digitizing symbols that we do not own/have not created ourselves, or symbols you do not own/have not created yourself, or do not have permission to use.  Thank you.

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A security attachment from your leash to your collar.

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