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Embroidered Cat Collars
Kitties need pretties too!

Cat collars are here in 1/2", 5/8", or 3/4" widths!

You can now order your cat a pretty collar, too!  You can now order a leather collar with your cat's name embroidered on it.  You can also choose to have a small spot pattern on your cat's collar (if space allows).

PLEASE keep in mind, when choosing your embroidered name or phrase, that a cat's neck is typically smaller than most dog necks.  Space will be limited.
Also, though the link for available fonts is below, only certain fonts will work on collars so narrow, so only certain fonts are added as options in the menu below. 
Please click on the links below and read carefully while customizing your cat's collar:



DECORATIVE SPOT CHOICES (please keep in mind spot size vs. collar width and length)

FONT OPTIONS (only  certain fonts will be available for these collars.  They'll be listed in the menu below.


HOW TO MEASURE YOUR CAT'S NECK (yes, it's the same way you'd measure a dog's neck)
***All cat collars are made with a safety feature unless you contact us and tell us you do not want one.
This is NOT a dog collar.  Do not order this collar for your dog.  If you would like this for a small dog, please email us at, and we can make it for a small dog.  Small dogs may require a thicker leather than we use for cats, and they'll require NO safety feature.***

Phone numbers will not work on cat collars. Cats' necks are too small for a name and phone number to fit.
Pretty Clarabelle sporting her 1/2" embroidered name collar (photo taken by Clarabelle's human):

The Castle King announcing his title in his 5/8" red embroidered collar:

AC/DC Cat in Black wearing a 3/4" wide embroidered collar:

Here's some photos to show our cat safety feature.
Yes, we cut the leather to insert the elastic safety feature, and then we rivet it all together. 
We just wanted to clear up any possible confusion. 

****These are NOT  our "Small But Mighty" dog collars.  If you want a smaller collar for your dog with his or her name embroidered on it, please contact us.  A leash should never be attached to a collar with the safety feature on it.****

Cat's EXACT Neck Size
Collar Width
Hardware/Decoration Color
Leather Color (see link above)
Collar Linings
Embroidered Name to add to collar
Font Choice
Add decorative spots (see spot link)
Thread Color (thread color AND number)
Spot color and pattern instructions
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Don't forget your accessories for your new collars and leashes! :)

A security attachment from your leash to your collar.
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