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The Box Sniffer
Nose Work Folks!  This is a must-have for those whose dogs do nose work.

We enrolled Ophie into a nose work class this past summer.  It was a blast.  Anyone who participates in this sport knows just how fun it is.  The one sport, so far, where your dog does what he/she does best and guides with his nose.  You learn what to expect from your dog instead of your dog learning what to expect from YOU.

We made this collar for Ophie, and have just now had time to list it on the site.  We were not sure how well this would take off, so we put off listing it up for purchase.  But we've recently had SEVERAL requests for this collar.  So, it is time.  It is time for your Box Sniffer to have a collar of his/her very own. <3

We are going to offer this in a variety of leathers. The prototype collar pictured is done in black vinyl, sewn to a leather strap.  We only offer the specialty leathers, so if you what the same look order black.  The collar pictured is done with neon orange thread with a turquoise outline.  The box colors are standard tan with brown outline as we feel it makes them more recognizable as cardboard boxes.

This collar is offered only in 1.5" width and tapered to 1" at the buckle.  It is up to you, the customer, to determine whether or not you feel that width is appropriate for your dog. :)
This collar can be done in brass OR silver hardware.  Select your choice in the menu below.

Due to the size of the design, this collar will not be available for neck sizes smaller than 14".

Please check out the links below to know your options for ordering:




We here at Ella's Lead would LOVE to know if you have any other nose work phrase suggestions.  We are open to anything that'll fit onto the collar.  If you have suggestions, or wish to customize your nose work-specific collar, please email us at

Dog's EXACT Neck Size
Collar Size (depends upon dog's neck size)
Hardware Color
Leather Color (see link above)
Collar Linings
Embroidery Thread Choice-Enter color and number
Breed of Dog

Don't forget your accessories for your new collars and leashes! :)


A security attachment from your leash to your collar.

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