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Lily's Lead
This lead is a multi-purpose lead.  Double headed lead with a snap on each end and an O Ring on it, we have thought of three different ways this lead can be used.

This is Lily's Lead.  Named after a fabulous dog with a fabulous owner who thought of this idea, Lily is now sporting this multi-purpose lead.

The three uses that we have thought of are:

1. use as a 10' lead and connect one bolt snap to the collar and the other to the O Ring to create a looped handle.

2. use as a 5' lead by connecting both bolt snaps to the collar.

3. for those who collar AND harness their dog(s), connect one bolt snap to the collar and one to the harness.

We hope you follow Lily's Lead and enjoy it as much as she does!

*NOTE: We can only do up to 12' lengths in Nylon Double Braided Rope.

Now you can pick and choose your snaps.  The ring(s) will match the snaps (brass, NP-Steel, and SS).

Our hardware choices can be seen HERE.

Rope Galleries (choose your rope):

Mountain Rope Colors

1/2" Double Braided Nylon Rope Colors

3/8" Double Braided Nylon Rope Colors

Rappel Rope Colors

MFP Utility Rope colors

5/8" Braids (no brass hardware on these, too big)

If you wish to have a lead any longer than 15', contact us at:

Here's Lily showing off two of the different uses for Lily's Lead!  Isn't she just a princess?

Here the lead is as a 6 ft. lead :                     Here it is as a 12 ft. lead:                                         

Rope Type
Rope Color
1st Snap
2nd Snap
Extra hardware options
Extra O-Ring (add $0.50)
optional color tubing for clamps
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Don't forget your accessories for your new collars and leashes! :)

A security attachment from your leash to your collar.
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