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Small Leads

Finally!  A lead for the smaller dogs.  MANY MORE ROPES NOW!!


Rubber tubing is NOT chew proof.  Underneath the rubber tubing is a metal clamp.  Please do not allow your dog(s) to chew on the rubber tubing.  If your dog chews on the tubing and clamp underneath, it can, not only ruin the appearance of the leash, but also damage your dog's teeth. 

Also, when ordering a small lead with a brass bolt snap, if your dog is 20 lbs or smaller, we'll use a smaller snap.  If your dog is over 20 lbs. we will use our regular sized brass bolt snaps.  If you order a brass bolt snap and forget to mark a weight, we'll try to contact you. Thank you! :)

We have developed a technique for making small light-weight leads for small breeds.  We use swaged aluminum sleeves to make the loops in the rope.  They WILL NOT loosen.  It takes some very large and expensive tools to swage the sleeves.   We overlay the sleeves with heat-shrink tubing which has a nice rubbery feel.

We offer Solid Brass Bolt-Snaps that are smaller than our standard snaps, yet very high quality.  You may also choose our regular size Stainless Steel Bolt-Snap.  A newly offered, we have a nickle-plated round-eye Trigger-Snap.  These are very nice.

The ropes come in 1/4", 5/16", and 3/8".  They are priced by diameter due to size of rope and the clamp sleeve required (the 3/8" sleeves even require a separate swaging tool).  The heat shrink tubing is also sized appropriately and comes in standard colors.  When in doubt, go with a black tubing color (if you are worried about a color clash).

These ropes don't have the strength of our main-line leads (several thousands of pounds).  However, they are still very strong and can hold at the least several hundred pounds if not more.  So, feel free to use them on large dogs, as well, if a small lead is necessary.

Rope Colors: Click Here
Not ALL rope colors are available in leads longer than 6'.
If you are wanting a 10m (33') tracking line, please contact us before ordering to check to make sure your rope choice can be made to length.
Thank you!! : )

Rope Choice
Lead Type
Clamp Tubing Color
2nd Snap (Sam's Lily's and Marri's Leads)
Optional Traffic-Handle on Sam's Back-up Lead Choice
Back-Up Inside Traffic Handle (add $1.50)
Back-Up on Main Lead (add $1.50)
Added O-Ring
O-Ring on inside of Handle (add $.50)
O-Ring along length of lead (add $.50)
Dog's weight (for those ordering brass bolt snaps)

Don't forget your accessories for your new collars and leashes! :)


A security attachment from your leash to your collar.

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