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The Lilo

This is one heck of a spontaneously decorated collar.  Listed due to popular demand, The Lilo has it alllll.  It has whatever shape, crystal, and spot mix up we can fit in a spaced out fashion.  It has a mixture of crystals and spots all over, randomly. 

No Lilo collar will look the same.  None.  And you really wouldn't want it to, would you?  The joy of this collar is that like the crystal layout on our Rainbow Unicorn Collar, it is spontaneous magic.  Wherever the spots and crystals land, that is the entire beauty of it.  This collar is absolutely no joke, though, and shouldn't be taken lightly.  It is 2.25" wide and tapers to 1.5" at the buckle.  Big and Beautiful.  For now, we are not offering it in a width any narrower due to the fact that we want that extra width to give you extra decor, and to make sure we have the provided room necessary to space everything out properly.

The product photo displays, on top, a regular Lilo collar.  The bottom, however, is a Super Lilo collar.  That just means that it is 2.75" wide double leather, tapered to 1.75" at the buckle, and has a small, tightly fitted pyramid spot bordering.  You will have the option to "Super" your Lilo collar, and that will be an additional cost, which will be listed in the menu below.

Now, you will have your choice of crystal color, however, to make this easiest for everyone, we will ask you to list (in the spot provided in the menu) whether or not you want reds, blues, greens, oranges, yellows, purples, rainbow, etc.  You can mix and match colors, but just give us a general color scheme, and we'll pick the actual crystal colors.  Trust us on this one.  It will be fabulous.

You can pick your leather color from the link below:


Dog's EXACT Neck Size
Collar Size (depends upon dog's exact neck size)
Leather Color
Crystal Color (reds, oranges, yellows, greens, rainbow, etc)?
Make Mine a Super Lilo (2.75" width, no narrower)

Don't forget your accessories for your new collars and leashes! :)


A security attachment from your leash to your collar.

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