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The Grand Rainbow Pupil

As if our Rainbow Pupil collar wasn't already enough, here we are expanding on the original.

The Grand Rainbow Pupil collar is all that our original Rainbow Pupil collar is and then some.  It has all the glorious shine of our original RP collar, but with some added bling.  Between each crystal "eye" are a pair of vertically stacked crystals in matching colors.

The Grand Pupil is a double leather collar that is at least 1.5" width.  The top strip is at least 1.25".  This collar will be available in 1.25" width as a single leather collar for those who do not feel their dog can wear a 1.5" wide collar.

On each side, starting from the center, are the colors of the rainbow.  Each crystal along the center of the top strip is encased by a metal ring which gives it a bit of an "eye" effect.

Here is a side view of the collar:

*Product photo is 1.5" wide with a 1.25" top strip, tapered to 1" at the buckle, and is made out of black leather with silver hardware and decor.*

**The Grand Rainbow Pupil is not available for neck sizes smaller than 15" due to required design spacing.  If you'd like a similar collar for a dog with a smaller neck size, please email us at, and we can arrange a modification with you.**

Dog's EXACT Neck Size
Collar Size (depends upon dog's exact neck size)
Collar width
Leather Color
Single Collar instead of Double Collar (1.25" width for single)

Don't forget your accessories for your new collars and leashes! :)


A security attachment from your leash to your collar.

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