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The Rainbow Unicorn Collar

It's magical.  It's mystical.  It has rainbow hair.  And it has real crystals on it, so it's even sparkly!  It's the Rainbow Unicorn Collar. 

There is so much goodness going on with this collar.  You could probably look at this collar everyday and find something new that you didn't see the time you looked before. 

No one is going to miss your dog in this collar.  Who could, or would even WANT to miss your dog in this collar?  There's just so much to look at!  We cannot even find all the words needed to describe how fantastic this collar is.

This epic collar is only available in 2" width due to the size of the unicorns.  And, honestly, that's okay.  It's supposed to be an out-of-this-world, bigger-than-life collar.  It has unicorns with rainbow manes and tails and hooves!  And then! then it has rainbow stars on it.  And coming off of the stars, and surrounding them, is a random pattern of crystals in various (and random!) colors.

We are offering this collar in THREE leather colors, Powdered Magenta (as pictured), Bubble Gum Pink, or Turquoise.

You will have your choice of silver or brass hardware.  Your lining options will be in the menu below.

Due to the size of the design, we really prefer to make this collar for neck sizes 17" or larger.  BUT! if you insist that your dog must have this collar (and, honestly, we do not blame you, if so), email us at and we can discuss modifying the design some for you (like, dropping off the stars on the sides).

One of the unique things about this collar is that the rainbow mane, tail, and hooves come from our use of a rainbow variegated thread.  So, we never know which color the mane, tail and hooves will be.  Sometimes the majority will be one color on one unicorn and sometimes it'll be another color on the other unicorn.  And we do not have any way to control this.  It's beautifully random like that.

But what is most unique about this collar is that no crystal and spot design will be exactly the same on each collar.  Each design will be unique with varying crystal colors.  That means your dog will have a unique Rainbow Unicorn Collar.  No matter what.  And when we say varying crystal colors, we mean varying.  And random.  That means that any special custom crystal color requests can happen, but it will be an additional charge.  Trust us on this one.  We'll make the collar sparkly and rainbow-y, and awesome.

Side view pics of the collar:

Luke modeling The Rainbow Unicorn Collar:

*Product photo (and what Luke is modeling) is made from our Powdered Magenta leather and it has silver hardware and decor*

Dog's EXACT Neck Size
Collar Size (depends upon dog's exact neck size)
Leather Color
Collar Lining

Don't forget your accessories for your new collars and leashes! :)


A security attachment from your leash to your collar.

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