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Name: Don
Date: 10/12/2009
Message: The leather buckle collars are great. The black one is a classic and the Dk.Brown/Plum with the lilac leash make a beautiful combination. Our Giant Schnauzer really likes the 1 1/2" control collar. Nice for training.

Name: Big Pleasure Sam and Owners
Date: 10/08/2009
Message: Just received my beautiful collar. The craftsmanship is excellent. Certainly hope my owners purchase more.

Name: Cindy McDannell
Date: 07/01/2009
Message: Site looks great! I have to order the dogs necks so I can order some collars!

Name: Sachiko Eubanks
Date: 06/18/2009
Message: I just placed my first order. I have a 10-months-old pit bull mix. I found about your lead through "Real Pit bull" web forum. I cannot wait to receive my lead! Thank you!

Name: Dayna and Bourbon Sabbath
Date: 06/15/2009
Message: Bourbon: Mah mom is so sited that youz cans makes mah lead for mah bikes. i canz beez crusin and weez be send youz a pictures. Shanks Webeccas, you'z beez so awesomes! We wuves all of our leads. <3

Name: Anna G
Date: 05/28/2009
Message: Just got my first Ella's Lead in the mail, and I couldn't be happier! The rope is a perfect color, and is nice and soft! It is clear that both the rope and the hardware are strong enough to hold almost any dog! Ella's Lead truly is the only lead you'll ever need! Can't wait to order more leashes!

Name: Julie Weaver
Date: 12/25/2008
Message: Shay opened her new lead and immediatly thought we were going for walk. I love it! We will definatly be repeat customers. Thanks to you & Ben.

Name: Dayna Sabbath
Date: 12/07/2008
Message: I'm very excited to recieve my leads! All the bully mom's are talking about them. Bourbon and Tank thank you in advance!

Name: Milton
Date: 09/27/2008
Message: deer ms leashladee thnk u so much fer my new walkleesh. my momlady sez i willbe so hunky in my new kollar and purdy ellasleed. you areso nice to sned me such a purdy thing. so i say so many thanku's, and send sloppy slurps to you an that purdy ellagurldog. luv Milty

Name: Grace Morales
Date: 09/13/2008
Message:  These are beautiful leads, which ones would you recommend for my boys. I have a 50 lb pitbull, brindle with white, and 120 lb rottweiler. Are the leads all universally one length? I just absolutely loved them!