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Hardware Information
Standard bolt-snaps are of either cast brass with a hard chrome-plating or bronze (very similar to brass).  We use only high-quality bolt-snaps that have strong swivels and reliable bolts.  We push hard on each bolt from several angles to check that it cannot pop out of place.  Of course, bolt-snaps have opened under unusual circumstances.  We simply try to lessen the odds.  The bolt-snaps are sized to the rope used.  Larger for ½” and 5/8” ropes and smaller for 3/8” and 7/16” ropes.  Special note: If you like a standard bolt-snap but require maximum strength, choose our stainless steel (SS) bolt-snap offering.  These are of very high quality.

If you have a big dog or a relentless puller and twister, you may want to consider our bull-snaps.  They are of cast zinc with hard nickel-plating.  Our current batch is actually Cadmium plated which is even more durable.  They are quite beefy and can take a severe beating without a problem.  We get the ones that have the handy thumb piece.  This makes it easier to remove the leash with one hand.  The swivel is very thick and tough.

For those that do not want a bolt-snap, but still would like a light yet strong alternative, we offer the swivel spring-snap.  Our standard spring-snap is made of malleable iron with a nickel-plating.  They are good and tough.  For owners of pit bulls, other terriers, and working dogs that are extremely powerful, we offer the stainless steel spring-snap.  The SS spring-snap, like the SS bolt-snap, is of top quality and strength.

If you require absolute security (your dog is aggressive or very strong) we have the fool-proof hardware.  It is simply a welded ring with a quick-link.  Both components are top quality and very tough.  Wrench down the quick-link for maximum security.

We offer a variety of clamps.  For our brass suite of hardware we offer two sizes of clamps (depending on the rope chosen).  They are solid cast brass.  Unlike some horse-lead manufactures we make sure our clamps are closed completely.  Ben recommends the brass for 3/8” rope as the sizes match nicely.  Our other two choices of clamp are zinc-plated steel and solid stainless steel.  These are cut steels, NOT stamped.  They are 1/8” thick and very hard to close.  Once closed, they will never let go.  Both have two cut teeth that bite the rope and keep it in place (as if the pressure alone wasn’t enough).

Our trigger-snaps are nickel-plated cast zinc.  They are sold for permanently attaching your dog’s tags while allowing movement from collar to collar.  They hold securely and look nice.

A special note on the stainless steel hardware:  If you require maximum strength that can take the pulling of a relentless, strong dog, select one of the SS options.  The SS hardware is high-grade and it looks sharp, too.  If your dog budget is tight, select the bull-snap with ZP-Steel Clamps.  You won’t go wrong.

Like everything else we sell, if you ever have a hardware problem, please contact us.  We are constantly improving our offerings and like customer feedback.  If our hardware fails in normal use with your dog we will replace the lead for free.  Although the leads could possibly be used to pull a vehicle, we can’t guarantee them against failure in that use.