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 Custom Order Info 

We are currently closed to custom orders, and this seems to be causing some confusion, so let us see if we can clear it up some?
What "custom" means to us:
If what you want to order is not available under a product order form, nor is it available under our "extras" menu as an add-on, and that means we have to make a private order form for you, then it is custom.

Example: Say I want a Crystal Opal Fring, but I want it double layered with crystals on the border/outside edges.  Those options are not available under the Crystal Opal Fring product menu.  That is custom.
Or a completely new design that you drew up on a piece of paper or in photoshop, that is custom.

However, say you want a bigger crystal in the center of the "X" on a Crystal Opal Fring, so you contact us and ask "Hey, can I possibly order a Crystal Opal Fring with a bigger crystal in the center, I know EXACTLY what color I want in 34ss, and you have it in stock!"
And we say, "Oh, yeah, sure! Because you can order that add-on via our extra crystals link."
We hope this helps clear up some of the confusion on why we say we are closed for customs, but you can still order from the website.  Thank you!

This page is specifically for those who wish to order a custom collar that is not already on our website.
Please feel free to email us.  You can also message us via our facebook page.

Custom order info

If you do not see something you like, out of our almost 300 collar design selection, or if you have a specific design in mind, you can inquire about ordering it to be custom made. The following guidelines for ordering completely custom collars will help both you as the customer, and us as the makers.

1. There will be a custom charge for our time and labor on completely custom designs. We are not sure how much it will be, but it will be at least a $50 charge to start. The amount of emails and facebook messages, searching for specific custom items you may want on your collar, etc., these things all come at a price.
We wanted to clarify that the $50 charge is for a completely custom design that you made up, and it is not one that you have tweaked from our existing designs.

2. Crystals, cabochons, decorative spots that we don't carry, basically anything we have to special order just for your order, will have an additional cost.
We swear there are about a million crystal colors, and unfortunately, we cannot carry them all, so if you are wanting a certain crystal color, and we can get it, that is fine, but there will be a charge for us to order, pay for shipping of them to our facility, and to have these in stock for you. Custom crystal charges start at $15, but are subject to be more than that, depending upon about how many we will need for your order.

3. When you contact us with a custom collar inquiry, your dog's exact neck size and desired width of the collar will make a quote much easier to get for you. This way, we can give you a very loose price estimate for your custom collar. Of course, materials, time, and labor may demand higher cost.

4. No, we do not allow customers to buy things, have them shipped to us, to put on their collars. We used to, but we no longer allow this due to certain materials not working, things getting lost in the mail, what if the item breaks and needs replaced we do not have extras on hand, etc., so now we prefer to order things ourselves because this way, the responsibility of something not working or getting lost, falls on us, and not a customer.

5. We do not do swirly twirly designs. It is not our thing. Please do not ask us to. Thank you.

6. We will not make copies of other makers' designs. This is unethical, and yes, we have been asked to do this several times, and we always say no. Please do not ask us to do this.

7. Tweaking existing designs just a bit here and there, or substituting paua shells for acrylic cabochons, crystals instead of dome spots, etc., this is considered custom and is subject to a custom charge that will vary from one project to the next. Thank you and we appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

8. Please be patient with hearing back from us. There is only one of us who handles custom requests for collars, and if we have a lot of requests, it can take a little while to hear back from us.  If it's been a week or more, pretty please send us a reminder email.

9. Pictures of colors, crystals, spots, showing of designs or mockups: We apologize for this inconvenience, but we honestly do not have the ability to show mockups of designs, crystal colors, or any colors together.  That cuts into our time to work on collars and get orders out.
Our suggestion is to use photoshop or gimp and come up with a design, look at our facebook page at photos for crystal colors.  There is also Dream Time Creations' website if you wish to see crystal colors.  Thank you. :)

10. Why we don't do changes once orders are placed:

1. I rarely have my invoices upstairs in my office with me to mark any changes.
2. If an invoice doesn't get marked, I won't recall the changes, then the order is not made correctly, and then the customer wants it made correctly, and this zaps even more of my time and labor and my staff's time and labor.
3. Chances are crystals and everything else have already been prepped you order.