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We have had to make price adjustments to our Nylon double braid ropes.
We are no longer able to get the short pieces of 6-14' from our supplier, so we have to buy cut-length pieces which has more than doubled the cost for us.  We are looking into other options so that we can give our customers a decent price.

***Also, if you are intending to use your lead from us on a prong collar, we strongly recommend getting one of our trigger snaps (whether it's nickel-plated, stainless steel, or solid brass, that is up to you).   Something about those thin rings on a prong collar just make it easier for it to slip through a bolt snap and/or bull snap.  Our trigger snaps, however, close on themselves so this is not an issue.***

PLEASE READ ABOUT LEASH HARDWARE HERE BEFORE PURCHASING.  Each photo has a description of the piece of hardware. It is up to you to pick what you feel is appropriate for your dog's activity, behavior on leash, and size.

These scissor snaps make excellent ID tag holders.