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Please note that these collars use leaded glass elements (crystals and cabochons).  They are not for use by children.

We are out of Blue Zircon cabochons.  We do not have a source to restock them.  We will continue looking, and we will mark any changes if we find more. 

Spacing on collar designs may vary due to neck size.  If your dog's neck is pretty big, there will be more spacing in the design.  If your dog's neck is smaller, we may have to modify the design.  If this may pose a problem for you, and the look you want, please email us before ordering. Thank you.

To ensure that your dog's collar fits perfectly, make sure to measure your dog's neck according the instructions on this page.  We will not remake collars due to mismeasurement.


There seems to be a new craze over super thick dog tags.
Be careful with these, especially the brass.  Brass is a heavy metal, and if your dog is wearing a tag, and it shakes for whatever reason, and that tag hits a crystal or glass opal effect cabochon, it WILL break it.
We are not responsible for replacing decor broken due to thick and heavy tags.

If your dog's neck falls right at the end of a collar size range, or is a 1/2 size from the end of the size range, please choose the next size up.